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6 Ways To Talk Like a Leader – Robert Goodman

Leaders need to care about and practice the quality, specificity, and power of their language.  Not enough of them do. Communication is particularly crucial to entrepreneurs. A founder’s individual vision and presence is vital to his or her organization’s sense of itself and its direction.  There are several ways a leader can immediately improve his …

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Getting Rid of the Stress of Public Speaking

Many people are terrified of speaking in front of a group. Many of us can accomplish it, but feel a certain amount of fear and stress. Speaking in front of groups does not have to be stressful or nerve racking; instead, the experience can help you stand out and get noticed. Here are some tips that will …

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Two-Way Communication: Feedback

Anytime a person speaks or acts, there is an opportunity to give feedback. We show we are listening and that the speaker’s contributions are important by providing feedback. The ultimate objective of feedback is to strengthen progress toward objectives. Whether it is responding to a request or coaching an employee through a learning process, feedback …

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