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11 Simple Concepts to Become a Better Leader – Dave Kerpen

Being likeable will help you in your job, business, relationships, and life. I interviewed dozens of successful business leaders for my last book, to determine what made them so likeable and their companies so successful. All of the concepts are simple, and yet, perhaps in the name of revenues or the bottom line, we often lose …

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The Most Underestimated Skill of A Great Leader – Andreas von der Heydt

Highly respected management guru Warren Bennis once stated that as a successful leader you need to be effective and efficient at the same time. Effective being defined as “Doing the right things.” Efficient meaning “Doing things the right way.” In summary, a successful leader would do the right things in the right way. It’s so simple. At least in …

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9 Essential Elements of Leadership by Linda Descano

A few months ago, in the span of one week, I found myself speaking about what makes for effective leadership at three different leadership development programs at three different companies. Brevity is always important at such events, so I found myself whittling down my talking points down to what I considered the most essential elements. …

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